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SO! This April 13th, on the 5 year anniversary of homestuck, Connor and I will be celebrating by having a 24 hour movie livestream!

We will be actually starting on April 12th at about 8pm PST (west coast time zone) and we will be watching a total of 12 movies.

These movies were picked by none other than John egbert (we’re watchin the movies john has a poster for in  his room ok)

Heres the movie list!:


  1. Little Monsters
  2. Contact
  3. Failure to Launch
  4. Ghostbusters
  5. Ghostbusters 2
  6. A Time to Kill
  7. Ghost Dad
  8. Armageddon
  9. Face/Off
  10. Mac and Me
  11. Deep Impact
  12. Con Air

More in depth, heres a picture of the text file i did all the planning on.

In between movies, i hope to show some lovely fan art and/or cosplays, too! You can submit a picture of your cosplay to this blog and I’ll more than likely shout you out to whoever is watching and we’ll show the artwork/cosplay photo. Please only send homestuck cosplay/fanart and please be serious with this. If i dont get enough (more than 12 most likely), then i might not do this. But hey, lets see how this works out!

So, just in case you skimmed heres the basic information:

  • Starts on April 12th at 9pm (PST)
  • We will be watching 12 egbert-approved movies for 24 frickin hours
  • Connor (vinylmau5) will be hosting it at:
  • This is really important to us, so if you have a homestuck blog or you just want to help, please reblog and lets break our usual viewer count of 19!

I hope to see you all there, my sweet sweet bbys~!

EDIT: since this is getting SO many god damn notes, we will more than likely switch websites to host the stream. we’re currently gettin that shit worked out. thank you~

EDIT 2: ok so i switched it to 9 pm west coast (Pacific Standard) time for personal reasons with me and connor. we’ll remain on the same website and hope for the best. thank you all for the amount of notes this shit has gotten!!!! it means so much that so many of you want to come! if you have any questions, you can ask here. im hanging out in the stream page right now, too. im probablyroxylalonde in the pink. thanks!

EDIT 3: (last one i pinkie swear) the stream starts at 9:00 pst and if u dont know what time it is in pst click here

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